Why I love helping experts and thought leaders build their authority.

Robert Greenshields at home in Málaga, Spain

Hi, I’m Robert Greenshields

For more than 10 years, I was the “best-kept secret” ghostwriter behind more than 85 client-attracting business books plus other high-value content for internationally-known clients.

That work helped my clients generate hundreds of thousands of leads, make millions of dollars in sales, and transform many lives.

So, I learned a lot about what it takes to attract ideal clients.

I also learned a bit about being a best-kept secret!

Although I worked with internationally known names such as Frank Kern, Dave Dee, and Dan Kennedy’s GKIC, you probably wouldn’t have heard of me because the nature of my work was below the radar and confidential.

I was lucky that word-of-mouth recommendation kept me busy and, because of the people I worked with, the work I did made a big impact.

The drawbacks of being a secret

But I realized that being a best-kept secret also has its drawbacks, including:

  • It limits your ability to grow your business
  • You have less control over the clients you attract
  • You get stuck in a rut doing the same type of work for too long
  • It is frustrating and unsatisfying because you feel you should be making a bigger impact
  • You can depend too much on a small number of connections

So, I decided it was time to come out from under the radar and help others do the same.

Now my mission is to use my skills and experience to help other thought leaders and experts stop being a “best-kept secret” and instead attract a steady stream of ideal clients they choose to work with because they:

  • Are fun to work with
  • Pay higher fees
  • Respond positively to your advice
  • Keep coming back
  • Refer others

If you’d like to know more about me, here’s a little of my back story.

How I got here

I began my career working in marketing in the UK financial services industry and, after a spell in financial journalism, I moved into a range of agency and corporate communications roles, becoming head of communications for Scottish Widows, one of the UK’s best-known brands.

After some 25 years of corporate life, I wanted the freedom to do my own thing and to work with more entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

At the same time, thanks to technology and easy travel, it became clear that success in business did not have to depend on your location. 

So, I now live in the beautiful Costa del Sol in the sunny south of Spain, working with clients around the world, including in Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA and Canada. 

Having started my solo professional career doing broadly-based copywriting and marketing consultancy, I quickly realized the importance of being a specialist rather than a generalist.

When one day a client asked if I could write a book for him, I said “yes,” without really knowing if I could! When I’d completed that, he said one of his buddies would like me to do the same for him.

At that point, I didn’t even know what a ghostwriter was – and saying that’s what I do is still a great opening line when I meet someone new. But over the last 10 years, I’ve helped clients create a wide range of successful books and information products, including:

  • Business books for thought-leaders in markets ranging across markets as varied as accountancy, marketing consultancy, dental services, martial arts, and sex therapy.
  • Lead magnets for client attraction in many markets.
  • Information products ranging from short e-books to 12-week training programs and multimedia packages.

In total, over the last 10 years, I’ve produced more than 85 client-attracting books plus further plentiful high-value content such as lead magnets, articles, and information products.

My mission now is to help more experts and thought leaders build their authority so they can attract more ideal clients, charge higher fees, and make a bigger impact.

Let me know how I can help…

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