Ready to Attract More Ideal Clients With Your Own Authority Book?

As the “best-kept secret” ghostwriter behind more than 85 business books, I’ve helped many coaches, consultants and other experts create their own authority books and use them as a powerful tool to attract more ideal clients.

Yet I’ve also seen many waste a lot of time and money because they’ve failed to use the book in the right way.

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How I help coaches, consultants and other experts attract more ideal clients

Hi, I’m Robert Greenshields.

I help coaches, consultants and other experts attract more ideal clients, people who:

  • Are fun to work with
  • Pay higher fees
  • Follow your advice
  • Keep coming back
  • Refer others

I’ve listed here some of the main ways I can help you attract more ideal clients and my Services page has more information.

Read more here about my experience in helping coaches, consultants and other experts attract more ideal clients or contact me for more information.

Ultimate Lead Magnet

Having your own authority book is one of the most effective ways of attracting more ideal clients. Whether you have a pile of existing content ready to convert into a book or you have a blank sheet of paper, I can help you make it work.

Ideal Clients Roadmap

Discover the 9-step formula that can help you attract more ideal clients so you earn more, work less and have more fun.

Success Formula Profits

Create multiple streams of additional income by turning the story of your success into a “Unique Success Formula” that others, including your peers, will pay you handsomely to learn.

Frank Kern with Robert Greenshields

“Robert Greenshields does exceptionally good work. In the 15 years that I’ve been in this business, I’ve never come across someone as good as him.
If you’re lucky enough to retain him, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you did.”

Frank Kern
World’s Most Sought-After Internet Marketing Consultant

Dave Dee

“Over several years, Robert has helped me create many valuable assets ranging from high-ticket information products to regular client mastermind content.
His exceptional reliability and creativity simplifies the process for me and ensures enhanced value for clients. I regularly recommend him to others.”

Dave Dee
World-leading expert on one-to-many selling and author of Sales Stampede

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