They Say Writing a Book Will Make You an Authority in Your Market... 

But, as the "best-kept secret" ghostwriter behind more than 35 successful business books, I can tell you that's not enough to make you an authority... 

“Robert Greenshields does exceptionally good work. In the 15 years that I’ve been in this business, I’ve never come across someone as good as him.

If you’re lucky enough to retain him, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you did.”

Frank Kern 

World's Most Sought-After Internet Marketing Consultant 

“Having done multiple projects with Robert with great results, I am impressed by his thoughtfulness, reliability, creativity and integrity.

In a world where outsourcing is often a mysterious and disappointing experience, what a stand-out Robert is to work with!”



Hi, I'm Robert Greenshields

​I help experts and entrepreneurs who might be a "best-kept secret" to build stand-out authority that allows them to attract a steady stream of ideal clients they choose to work with because they:

  • Are fun to work with
  • Pay higher fees
  • Respond positively to your advice
  • Keep coming back
  • Refer others

Discover more about my mission to unleash some best-kept secrets here or contact me today to arrange an Authority Audit.

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