How I Can Help You Build Your Authority and Grow Your Profits Fast

I’m Robert Greenshields and I help experts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders identify and bridge the Authority Gap that is stopping them from attracting a steady flow of their ideal clients.

Most business owners and professionals already have valuable Authority Assets, such as their expertise, ideas and published content, that could help them be the stand-out authority in their market.

But, these assets are either not well-presented or are not used to full effect as part of a well thought-out strategy.

I help clients develop better Authority Assets and use them more effectively to establish an advantage in their market.

The way I do that varies according to the specific needs of the client based on one of the following packages:

Authority Makeover – Design and Implement a Complete Authority Roadmap

To bridge the Authority Gap, you not only need the right Authority Assets, you need the right Roadmap to ensure they are used effectively.

With the Authority Makeover, I work with you over an agreed period, typically six months, to help you develop and implement a detailed Roadmap to make the right use of your existing Authority Assets and to create any new ones needed to ensure you become the stand-out authority in your market.

We work together to ensure you don’t simply create some good Authority Assets but that you deploy these assets to get maximum results.

Authority Upgrade – Create Specific Assets You Need to Build Your Authority

If you feel you don’t need… or are not ready for… the full Authority Makeover, we can help you create specific Authority Assets such as books, lead magnets and information products.

However, we are committed to helping clients not just create the tools but also to use them effectively to get the results they want.

Authority Roadmap – Review Your Current Authority Assets

The Authority Roadmap is a one-off review of your existing Authority Assets to enable you to make better use of them, identify where change is needed and create a plan for doing that going forward.

Getting Started

For most clients, the best way to start is by arranging a free Authority Asset Analysis.

But, if you prefer, you can also contact me at Authority Profits directly for more information.