Which of these marketing fears is holding you back?

Robert Middleton of Action Plan Marketing has identified the single thing that holds people back from success in marketing themselves and their businesses.

He has reached his conclusion after working with hundreds of entrepreneurs and independent professionals over several years as a marketing coach.

He has narrowed it down to just one thing – “Fear of People.”

This fear is manifested in different ways such as:

  • Fear of Writing: People are afraid what others will think of their writing.
  • Fear of Speaking: It’s almost a cliche that the biggest fear people have is speaking in front of groups.
  • Fear of Networking: Meeting strangers and sharing ourselves often feels scary and risky and therefore easy to avoid.
  • Fear of Calling: Picking up the phone to someone triggers feelings of cowardice in the bravest of people.

And he argues that this fear of people almost always dates back to something that happened when you were a kid. It leads us into a mindset of avoiding marketing and selling at all costs.

In his blog, he explains how you can overcome these fears and he points out:

  • The people you are afraid of are probably just as scared of you.
  • The person who has these fears isn’t you now, it’s you as a 5-year-old.
  • You can choose to have more courage.

For the full story, check out his detailed comment on the Action Plan Marketing blog.