5 steps to attracting more of your ideal clients

If you earn a living based on your expertise – the advice, skills and knowledge you use to help others – you need to attract more of your ideal clients.

That’s the key to achieving the income and lifestyle you want.

Ideally you want to attract clients who:

  • Are fun to work with
  • Pay higher fees
  • Follow your advice
  • Keep coming back
  • Refer others

The same principles apply for all types of experts such as:

  • Consultants, coaches, authors and speakers
  • Healthcare professionals like doctors, dentists, chiropractors and therapists
  • Financial and legal professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and realtors

The Pressure to Undervalue

Experts in different fields face similar problems that cause them to earn less than they should and help fewer people:

  • They struggle to stand out from the competition so that they attract and keep clients, patients or customers
  • Their prospects and clients are focused on price – they want it cheaper or won’t make the investment needed
  • They predominantly get paid for the time they work rather than the value they add
  • They find it tough to allocate time and resources to marketing – either because they can’t find the time or they don’t want to sell
  • Their flow of new customers, clients or patients is unpredictable and they spend too much time on one-off or short-term projects

Why It Doesn’t Apply to Some

At the same time, many experts seem to have no problem achieving success and helping many people. They are able to:

  • Do less marketing because people call them
  • Have clients, patients or customers who stay long-term
  • Charge higher fees to people who say yes to the investment needed
  • Help more people
  • Choose who to work with
  • Earn money based on the value they add rather than time worked

So what makes some experts fall into this category while others struggle?

The first key point is that it’s nothing to do with what they know or how good they are in their field.

Many talented experts are undervalued. But a few know how to achieve success because they have discovered that it’s not enough to be an expert.

You need to have a system for attracting more ideal clients.

The Ideal Clients Formula

So what are the keys to attracting more ideal clients?

There are usually certain factors that make some experts stand out compared to their competitors:

  • They define a clear field of expertise where they are recognized
  • Within that field they seem to have a presence everywhere
  • Others recommend them because of their authority
  • Chances are they have authored at least one book
  • They turn their expertise into packaged products and services that allow them to reach more people and make it easier for them to buy
  • They have built “fan clubs” of long term clients, customers or patients who recommend them to others

The truth is the only difference between you and the so-called experts on the bookshelves or TV is they have learned how to leverage their expertise. They started out just like you and followed a process to build success.

Sadly most experts fail to capitalize on their potential to help people and to achieve financial success.

That may be because they don’t believe enough people are interested in what they can offer.

Or it could be because they don’t know how to position, package and promote their expertise – and then persuade the right people to pay for it – so that they make maximum profit easily.

They either don’t know what to do to attract more ideal clients or they just never take action.

When you know the steps to attracting more ideal clients, you can avoid these mistakes.

5 Steps to Attracting More Ideal Clients

These are the five key steps for attracting more of your ideal clients.

  1. Positioning: Identify your ideal clients and how you can best help them so you can attract them easily
  2. Packaging: Offer your advice, skills and knowledge in a way that makes it easy to attract a large number of high paying clients
  3. Publishing: Demonstrate your expertise in a wide range of ways so that people can see how you can help them
  4. Promotion (Lead Generation): Take steps to attract more of your ideal clients to you instead of having to chase them
  5. Persuasion (Conversion): Turn more of your ideal prospects into profitable long-term clients

Underpinning all of these is following the right Processes to grow your profits and developing the right Psychology and Mindset to achieve your desired results most easily.

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